KNET Group

KNET Group, the combination of two companies, was founded in 2011.
The diverse and dynamic team operates in and around Europe.

KNET Project | Corporate Finance & Management Consulting

KNET Human Resources | Recruitment, Talent Selection & Coaching

What do we value most?

Dedication to our clients
We understand that no business, executive or team are the same. We tailor our approach and techniques to suit each individual case as unique.

Commitment to our employees
Our team of well-trained, international, diverse and experienced professionals, working together in a respectful environment with high levels of engagement, has contributed to our success over the years.

Business integrity
Professionalism, ethics, confidentiality and transparency help us maintain the highest standards of business behaviour, creating long-standing and trusted relationships with our customers, employees and professional partners.

Continuous improvement
We are an organisation that aims to respond to our clients’ ever changing needs and requirements through constant improvement and innovation.