Performance Development

Performance Development is a critical tool for ensuring sustained business growth.
KNET Project believes in effectively managing the performance of an entire organisation, including the development of internal skills and talent, resulting in a process of corporate and personal improvement that opens the door to a radically new approach to Performance Development.

Our approach overcomes the limits of traditional corporate management techniques and combines the latest innovations in economic and human resource management practices. Our Performance Development services include:

  • Strategy consultation: the process of defining strategic objectives for the various corporate bodies.
  • Monitoring and optimisation processes: development of KPIs to enable effective monitoring of processes and managers.
  • Performance budgeting: allocation of resources in strict relation to objectives.
  • Capacity building: development and strengthening of the skills, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive.
  • Training and development: employee and corporate training programs to improve knowledge and enhance skills.