Turnaround & restructuring

Restructuring advisory,
bankruptcy and insolvency management,
interim & crisis management

In every age, new technologies disrupt existing businesses, and downturns in business cycles put stress on balance sheets. The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated business model disruption.

KNET Project is focused on helping clients find solutions with advice on diagnosis, managing balance sheets, turning around businesses, divesting assets to help achieve the best outcome.

We provide experienced and practical advice to assist with those difficult decisions.

Our services include:

Corporate restructuring advisory

We help business owners and entrepreneurs protect their value and avoidsurvive financial adversity or uncertainty, ensuring stakeholders protect their value.

We focus on the preservation of enterprise value through short-term financial resource stabilisation and operating performance optimisation.

Our restructuring advisory includes:

  • Close collaboration with management throughout the process.
  • Identifying, developing, and implementing strategic operational and financial improvement

Bankruptcy and insolvency management

The bankruptcy process offers an opportunity to address the strategic, operational and financial problems in an organization.

Knet Project professionals provide guidance through phase of the bankruptcy process including:

  • pre-bankruptcy strategy and planning
  • operational initiatives and action plans to help you address your specific challenges
  • detailed communication programs for your company’s vendors, customers, and employees
  • assisting with reporting compliance and the development of a plan of reorganization

Interim & Crisis Management

When guidance and stability are needed the most, companies that are in a crisis or underperforming can turn to us to fill interim management roles.

Prompt intervention will reduce the time needed to implement turnaround initiatives, mitigate the possible negative effects of executive attrition and achieve the best results.

Our interim and crisi management services include:

  • Filling of immediate critical senior management roles
  • Managing communication processes with board members, management, employees, creditors, investors and other interested parties
  • Leading the planning, implementation and execution of the restructuring process including out-of-court turnarounds, receiverships, and bankruptcies
  • Managing court-approved positions including CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), Receiver, Trustee and Plan Administrator