Corporate Finance

M&A, equity capital
markets & debt capital markets

We advise our clients on a range of corporate finance and capital optimization strategies with a focus on navigating longterm investment decisions like M&A and funding sources including debt and equity strategy, and the management of working capital and everyday financial activities.

How do we help?

With our collaborative and integrated approach to all projects and transactions, clients benefit from our
experience of the marketplace and our network to deliver a successful solution, no matter how complex the deal.

Our services include:

M&A and transaction services

We partner with the client’s legal, financial, accounting, public relations and other advisors to deliver the highest level advice in a clear, consistent, and thoughtful manner.
From the birth of the idea to post-closing integration, we are there to help our clients execute transactions and deliver value.

Our M&A services provide:

  • Rapid access to new markets assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance.
  • Full support in finding the right buyer for your business, or help to identify the right acquisition target.
  • All technical aspects of deal strategy i.e. valuations, business plans and financial modelling, exit strategy reviews, public to private transactions and Advice on hostile offers and bid defense.
  • Full coordination with other advisors (e.g. lawyers, due diligence providers etc.)

Equity Capital Markets

We support the feasibility of business growth and financial development through initiatives such as capital development, structured finance and public listing.
Our integrated network of Deal Advisory teams focus on the key questions to help you preserve maximum value at every stage of the capital lifecycle.

We provide services and strategies to:

  • Maximize shareholder and stakeholder value
  • Identify available sources of equity
  • Achieve the best terms and manage communications
  • Manage stakeholder communications to maintain lender and shareholder support

Debt capital markets

We provide access to financial markets with the support of local/international banks and other financial institutions thanks to our network of trusted collaborators.
We are completely independent from providers of finance, so our objectives are fully aligned with those of our clients; we provide advisory services based on client expectations and offer integrated solutions on business advisory, taxation and risk management.

Our range of debt restructuring services include:

  • Project Financing, Acquisition Financing, Asset Based Financing, Syndicated Borrowings, Working Capital Loans, Non-Cash Loans, Mezzanine, Leasing, Refinancing, Restructuring, Credit Rating and Hedging.
  • Financial modelling, financial analysis, financial strategy development, financial resources assessment, creditors’ relationship management, financing alternatives assessment and selection, restructuring and renegotiating debt, refinancing, credit rating management and interest rate hedging.