Performance Management

Business transformation,
Operational excellence,
Executive assessment & Leadership solutions

Performance Management is a critical tool for ensuring sustained business growth. We believe in
effectively and constantly managing the performance of an entire organization resulting in a process of corporate and personal improvement.
Our approach overcomes the limits of traditional corporate management techniques and combines the latest innovations in economic and human resource management practices.
We strongly believe in combining both enriched human capabilities and connections with digital
resources and leadership skills providing the perfect foundation for growth and value creation.

Our services include:

Business transformation

Constant business transformation is essential for surviving disruption and economic downturns. To stay ahead, companies must transform even when they’re already dominating their markets.
We know that business transformation projects are more likely to succeed when the transformation process is started preemptively – even when it appears that your business is doing well
This approach helps deliver greater long-term value compared to reactional business transformation. But
even companies that haven’t launched preemptive change efforts and have seen their performance slip
can get back on track.

Our business transformation services include:

  • Growth support, acquisition strategy and readiness assessment and change management
  • Value Chain Performance Improvement from diagnosis, supply chain optimisation to sales and operations management
  • Back office performance improvement from IT, HR and finance to automation and digital resources.

Operational excellence

The KNET Project operational excellence business unit helps companies improve their operations while driving value from changes in organization, location, process, technology and sourcing.

Our Operational Excellence team’s services include:

  • operating model transformation & cost optimization
  • shared services centers
  • business processes outsourcing
  • total productive maintenance and Lean Six Sigma
  • enterprise business processes management (BPM)

Executive assessment & Leadership solutions

At KNET Project we recognise the importance of assessing business leaders.
Without effective leadership, business transformation or crisis management will not succeed as desired.
Leaders should be as good as your vision for your business and they should know how to become better.
This is true more than ever today with the acceleration of the digital movement and the global disruption at hand.

Our executive assessment and leadership solutions include:

  • Strategic Organizational Change & Development and Succession Planning
  • Sustainable Executive Recruitment
  • business processes outsourcing
  • Executive Talent Development